Submarine Cables

1. Is it true that sharks biting the cables is a problem? 

No, primarily, damage is caused by human activity, not by sharks or any kind of aquatic life.

2. Cables can break just by wearing out - but what are some other things that cause them to break?

Fishing vessels and ships dragging anchors are some of the accidents which can cause faults in cables. Environmental factors can contribute to faults as well.

3. Who uses submarine cables?

Users of the internet worldwide are the ones who utilize these cables.

4. How thick is a cable?

One is usually as thick as a garden hose.

5. How does fiber-optic technology work with the cables?

On one end, lasers fire at fast rates down glass fibers to receptors which are at the other end of the cable.

6. What did you find most interesting about the cables?

What I found most interesting about the cables is their amount. The website tele geography stated that there are 378 of them -- I can't quite pinpoint whether I thought this number would be less or more t…

Blown to Bits Reading

The two Koans that I selected and why they resonate with me are as follows:

Koan 1: "It's all just bits" - This one in particular resonated with me due to the fact that the complexities of software, for example, complex computations, images being displayed, etc. are all made possible by a large amount of bits, and having this be reminded to me really puts the vastness of computer design into perspective.

Koan 2: "Processing is power" - This one also resonated with me because oftentimes we as device owners will largely take for granted the immense speed of our processors -- for example, it was stated that "The fastest computers available in the early 1940s could perform about five operations per second." And now, to see just how far we have come is remarkable and should be appreciated.

Internet Challenges

The two Challenges that I chose:

Internet is for everyone - but it won't be until in every home, in every business, in every school, in every library, in every hospital in every town and in every country on the Globe, the Internet can be accessed without limitation, at any time and in every language.

Internet is for everyone - but it won't be if it isn't affordable by all that wish to partake of its services, so we must dedicate ourselves to making the Internet as affordable as other infrastructures so critical to our well-being.

The first challenge that I chose is meaningful to me because we can definitely see the state of this changing, as many schools across the globe, as well as hospitals, libraries, businesses, etc. are utilizing the internet coupled with modern technology on a grand scale.

I certainly agree that the internet is a service that is critical to our well-being just like others are, therefore, I fully agree with this second challenge, and this is why I bel…

Coding in the Wild

Coding for UX Design
I chose this career because apps having a high quality UI has always interested me to a large degree. In terms of how much computer science is used in this writer's job, they wrote that this occupation fully involves working with digital apps. They wrote that the languages they use are Java, C, Python, Swift, HTML, Javascript, and CSS. They also wrote that some of the design softwares that they use are Sketch, Invision, Principle, and Adobe Creative Suite.

What is a Problem a Computer can Help you Solve

Application: A program that can overclock a PC that has a locked Intel cpu or gpu.
Explanation Most computers are able to be overclocked in order to run particularly demanding programs, whether it be graphically or in terms of processing power; some computers, however, particularly laptops with Intel processors and/or integrated graphics are unable to be overclocked due to the fact that these cpus and gpus are locked, meaning that they are unable to be accessed by unauthorized means, even by accessing and changing options from the BIOS.
The input: The issue of the user's need to run demanding applications such as games by using locked computer components.

What is stored: The specific information/specifications of those components (cpu and gpu). For example, what is the amount in ghz that they run at, what is the amount of vram on the graphics card, what is the particular model of said component(s).

What is processed: A solution/algorithm designed to gain developer-level access to t…

The Most Impactful Computing Innovation on my Mother's Life

Upon inquiring of my mother with regard to what the most impactful computing innovation on her life has been, she answered by saying that to her personally, it has been the GPS. She had stated that she does not read maps very well, and using a GPS has allowed her to both quickly and easily travel to almost any destination.

The Most Impactful Computing Innovation on my Life

The most impactful computing innovation in my life has been the Apple iPhone. Its usages/apps are so versatile in terms of one's everyday life. For example, the biggest impact that I personally believe the iPhone series has had on my life is the fact that I am able to multitask so effortlessly -- for example, switching from an important phone call or text to an entertainment app, note taking app, etc.